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A Serious Game of Life

Gary S. Daniel avèk Doktè Ernst Mirville.

Gary S. Daniel with Doctor Ernst Mirville.

What is a poet?

The critics have equated the true poet to a semi-god. This implies that if one is lacking in original creations, the poetic artillery is meager. Our very own Neg Gonbolyen, Gary, feasting on kalalou gombo, seems to have discovered a source of natural energy. Gonbolyen’s poetic inspiration gives birth to a second installment of «foutbòl lavi.»1

The intersection of Poetry and Football

Gary S. Daniel turns traditional poetry into a game of football. A game that mirrors life itself. A very serious game. One that requires him to climb on high to study life in all its nuances and complexities. Life in its inception. Life as its apex. A lifeless life. All forms of life as assembled by the poet who has the gift of conveying immortality.

Gonbolyen meets Émile Roumer

Under closer examination, one discovers the rhythmic similarities in the poetry of Neg Gonbolyen and that of Émile Roumer, Gonbolyen uses a poetic meter reminiscent of Roumer’s “Rosaire Courounne” sonnets2.. One knows of the unique talents embodied in this great poet from Jérémie. Almost like a choirboy, Roumer implores the Virgin Mary to intercede on behalf of our Haïti Chérie. Our poet of football, hailing from the northern regions, draws his inspiration from the Great Builder, King Henry Christophe. Gary is playing in the grand finale of an international championship. What does he want, this cousin of Henri-Claude Daniel? He uses all technical aspects of writing to emulate a dribble on the football pitch and adapt them to the game of life, sophisticated life, simple life, humanity: he aims to score.

Some games are won: no questions, no overtime, no penalty kicks, no sudden death. Gary S. Daniel: what an amazing fellow!

—Dr. Ernst Mirville MD Vilaj El Portal, Miyami 06/11/2015


1.Émile Roumer, Haitian poet 1903–1988, wrote mostly satirical poems and poems dealing with love and nature, and espoused writing poetry in Haitian Creole.
2.Rosaire Couronne Sonnets, 1964.

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